[photograph] This photograph actually has quite an unusual little history. It is the only picture I could find of myself with my current state of facial hair. It was taken by my aunt a couple of years ago after my uncle's (her and my dad's brother's) funeral. We had a family get-together afterward, and everyone got their picture taken. My aunt is not particularly adept at picture taking and she was using a cheap camera, so the original came out with my having red eyes. With my handy-dandy photo-editing software, I replaced the red pupils in this picture with those of another picture of myself taken earlier by my mom. She is a semi-professional photographer (with much better equipment), and did a much better job (but, alas, in that picture I have no beard). In fact, her skill with the camera probably goes a long way toward explaining why I don't have any other recent pictures of myself. She practiced picture taking a lot when I was growing up, and I was the subject more often than I cared to be. I developed quite a distaste for having my picture taken. Nonetheless, here is a reasonably accurate photographic representation of me, for what it's worth.

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