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Originally, I maintained my web site only at my primary Internet Service Provider, InfiNet (which was bought by Voyager.Net, which was bought by CoreComm, which, well you get the picture). Due to service problems during the Great Internet Blackout (when many people made their pages black to protest passage of the Communications Decency Act in the United States [which has since been declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court]), I was unable to update my page appropriately. So I began uploading my page to America Online as well as InfiNet. Since I've always maintained the "master copy" on my PC, it was not that much more difficult to upload it to two places as it was to one. In theory anyway. I've since been trying to find ways to keep everything in sync in a reasonable fashion, with limited success. But the idea is that if one site goes down, you can find the page on another. Interestingly, neither of the original mirror sites still exists. The contents of the mirrors might be different; if they are, the one closest to the top should be the most current.

Current mirror sites:

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